Friday, July 16, 2010


Okay so I went to go see Inception (Starring: Leonardo DeCaprio, Edward Norton, and Ellen Page)

INCEPTION teaser poster Pictures, Images and Photos

This movie was fucking great, it had a great plot, well developed and plotted character and story, no joke this is 1 movie I didn't hate suprise suprise.

This movie is worth the money I mean it, it was awesome.

If you havent seen it it's about a man named Cobb(Leonardo) who can enter your dreams and steal your secrets he's paid for this talent, what he does is enter your dreams using a sedation machine that knocks you right the fuck out, as you enter your dream your world is built like a maze by the architect named Ariadane (Ellen Page) and only she is to know the design specs otherwise shit goes down, now some people have been trained to guard their minds secrets and this is represented by an armed force squad shooting you too lead swiss cheese.

Okay enough about the plot some key things that struck interest is that you can redesign your world how ever you or the architect want, the world becomes your playground, but in order to know the difference between reality and dreams is having a totem (an item only you or subconcious you knows all the specs about) this item some how creates comfort to know your world.

greatest qoute from the movie "What's the worst type of parasite? a virus, a bacterium, a toxin? No the worst type of of parasite is an idea. An idea can spread and become so infectious that it'll take over your life and world." (Cobb)

So im commanding YOU MUST GO SEE THIS MOVIE it'll screw with your reality!

this was soren and fuck you too.

Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Okay okay.

I've been a total failure when it comes to things. So! I'm surprising everyone and actually writing something. HUZZAH!

Okay. So I was totally looking forward to the Avatar movie, as I'm a huge fan of the cartoon. I hesitated to watch the cartoon at first, mainly because it was on Nick and they're pretty much assholes. But, after being convinced to watch it I was hooked. They did an amazing job with the show!


This is where the joy stops. Writer, Director and Producer M. Night Shyamalan isn't famous. To be honest he's really only had one or two good movies. So when I found out he was working on Avatar I was really pissed. Thinking (this was silly of me) that he would hire writers, or something, all would be okay. Months went by and all we got were little hints at how awesome it would be.

The first let down was when they announced the cast. Two things were wrong; the racial miscasting and the white washing. You were either white, or just looked wrong. It wasn't really all that surprising, it was just a little sad. Some members of the cast fit their characters perfectly; others did not. I let this go, mainly because it was from an American company, what else would you expect? Not to mention this was the least of their problems...

And then the trailer came out. I was SO pumped, as most people were. The acting looked strong, the CGI was breathtaking and the plot looked strong and well written. Boy was I surprised. We sat down in a nice quiet theater (Lots of couples shoving their tongues down each others throats) on a Friday night. Sure, I'd read reviews ( gave it a 9%) and had told myself that while the reviews were bad, there was still a chance. So for a hundred and three minutes, I sat there with my jaw dropped and suppressing tears. It was awful. Just horrible!

The dialog was crap. It was unreal and stiff, it's like the writers had never talked to anyone else in their small pathetic lives! OH WAIT.


Mr. Shyamalan wrote the entire thing himself, and instead of deflating his ego and hiring writers he just wrote the script himself. He edited it himself too, I'm thinking. I kept watching the credits, praying, that the man didn't write it himself. At least I could blame Nick for hiring shitty writers. BUT NO. It really shows that he didn't hire real writers. The plot was a bit of a disaster too, but I'm willing to over look that. The first book was really long.

The other main part that really bugged me was the spirit of the movie. It was just so different from the cartoon. Part of it was because they pronounced everything wrong, and part of it was because of the poor adaptation. Aang went from a light hearted kid to some war hardened monk, which was really disappointing. Sure, his situation stunk but jeeez. He's 10 years old! Katara was pretty much dead on, her dialog was horrible though. Sokka, the comic relief (Along with Momo and Appa) was a complete let down in the movie. Again, not the actor's fault. The dropped all of his jokes and he became this serious protector of his sister. Not that it's a bad thing or anything, he did step up as a leader when he needed to. He just...made mistakes and was always doing something funny. And Iroh. Oh Iroh. I can't even talk about him without making myself sad. Moving on!

The martial artists were fantastic, everyone was amazing and it was the highlight of the movie. They did hire real martial artists, so while the acting suffered a little bit they looked amazing (When it comes down to it that's really all that matters). The CGI was good, I had trouble focusing in spots, I'm not really sure what caused that- I didn't see it in 3-D, I heard that it wasn't worth the extra $5 and it wasn't well done. Mr. Shyamalan must have done that himself too- but it wasn't really enough to irritate me to the point of leaving. The locations were stunning, I would love to visit their filming sites!

So, honestly save your money and don't even bother with this one. It really is a shame, because it had so much potential and could have been an incredible movie. I joke about it a lot, but it's really just sad. At least I have hockey season to look forward to...hopefully.

Hope I didn't ramble too much!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Month

The last two times I did a "themed" month it didnt turn out so well. However this month i have a hunch that i am going to fulfill all of my promised articles. because this month i got something awesome to talk about... SCOTT-EFFIN-PILGRIM.

SCOTT PILGRIM?! Pictures, Images and Photos

written by Brian Lee O'malley, this 6 part series has been released in digest form from oni press. The series centers on Scott Pilgrim, hero of the story, he is just getting over his ex-girlfriend when he decides to start going out with 17 year old Knives Chau (oh yeah BTW she is chinese) soon after dating Knives, Scott meets Ramona Flowers a ninja delivery girl from new york, Ramona skates into Scott's precious little life and agrees to go out with him... theres just one problem.. Scott must defeat Ramona's seven evil-ex-boyfriends if he wants to keep dating her. keep checking up on MUSICONMOVIES.BLOGSPOT.COM for my reviews of all 5 volumes and a special video about my predictions for the "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" movie.

Next Week: Scott Pilgrim Vol 1 Review
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


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hey everyone its motherf*ckin christmas time! its time to load up on booze and candy and have a good f*ckin time (wow i sound like soren). coming up in december are a couple of reviews (including "merry madagascar"), a brand new WTF=what the food, and a new video series called origins, where i will talk about the origins of popular characters (this months will probably be christmassy related). so enjoy december, enjoy christmas, and look forward to all the great shit we will be writing!


week 1: what the food- queen anne chocolate cordial cherries
week 2: merry madagascar review/christmas vacation 2 review
week 3: he-man and she-ra christmas special
week 4: origins episode debuts


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Review- Scary Godmother

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referring back to holiday specials lets take a look at one of my all time, if not my very favorite specials, scary godmother: halloween spooktacular. the special is a cell shaded animated one hour long program that runs every halloween season during its withering days. now i feel a bit bad for this year because i missed the entire beginning and caught the ending (as well as narrowly avoiding getting the chowder theme stuck in my head as it blared right after the special) hopefully this special will air again either tomorrow or saturday (halloween). i missed my ritual. so lets talk about the special in detail. scary godmother is an hour long with commercial breaks meaning it actually clocks in at about 45-50 minutes which in my books its a little short but hey its longer than monsters vs aliens MPFOS. the special looks and feels like no other program because of the animation style. who you can give visionary credit to Jill Thompson responsible for amazing sandman related books like "death at deaths door" and "dead boy detectives". she also wrote a childrens book based off of neil gaimans sandman series entitled the "little endless storybook" reading this for the first time was coincidentally the first time i had a nerdgasm. she is very visionary and that special style could have been left to regular animation, but i think they went one more step out of the way just to appeal to the creativity within the source material. oh, by the way apparently there was a line of "scary godmother" childrens graphic novels before this movie, making this a comic book movie review (OH WHAT FUN!). so the special starts off promising by introducing you to some obnoxious kids and the most adorable animated little girl in the world, hannah. Hannah is like a bratz doll on crack (crackz) her eyes are like 80 % of her head and her voice is so cute it beats edward's from "rock-a-doodle".

Scary Godmother Pictures, Images and Photos

the kids are out trick-or-treating when the lead kid jimmy decides to be a dickhole and makes hannah go into this haunted house, once hannah is in this house she discovers the fantastic world known as the "fright side". inside the fright side are all sorts of crazy quirky characters for hannah to meet. i'll give you the rundown:

scary godmother: the titular character is a fun loving at times motherly acting person. she enjoys all the simpler things in life like, carving pumpkins, dancing, and... well thats pretty much her range. sometimes she freaks me out. like in the scene where she gets mad at harry for eating all the desserts, she almost was like a really angry mother. and really angry mothers are scary. if momma aint happy, no ones happy.
Mr scully pettibone: the gay stereotype of this movie, mr scully is the chef, he sings showtunes, he acts really flamery and then the special just kind of ends. he is a skeleton and a rather boring one at that since nothing he really does pushes plot points. but in this special i dont think anyone pushes anything of a plot point. and also why are most skeletons gay in pop culture? its weird... definetly something to look into.

bug-a-boo belongs where the wild things are no questions. he looks like a Maurice Sendak creature. he has a bunch of eyes, a mouth that goes from ear to ear, and horns. bug is an under the bed monster. sort of like monsters inc only all he does is scare kids and theres no real benefit from it. i think he gets off on it.
harry: screw harry because whenever he is on screen i want to shut the special off and never watch it again, he is an over dramatic werewolf who is an attention grabbing jerk. also for some reason he is always hungry, and i dont know if thats because he is a werewolf or just because its stupid.
the vampires: i have nothing to say about the vampires because i hate them. orson especially who almost becomes hannah's love interest or something. its dumb, an hour long special does not need a love interest between to little kids... this isnt my girl. still i have to admit the design on them is okay, i like their twisted bodies which almost remind me of nosferatu.

scary godmother Pictures, Images and Photos

so thats the "broomates" as godmother calls them. each has their own perk and each is pretty watered down, but that doesent mean its still not a great special. actually, a witch, a skeleton, a werewolf, a monster and some vampires... why not add a ghost cat? oh... they have one. thats like hitting two birds with one stone. this special is so ridiculously Cliche' they should have called it; "scaryotypical cliche' halloween Schlocktacular" that would have at least readied me for the large amounts of halloween myth that was to be stereotyped. and its not parody, i mean not all of it. throwing aside the cliche elements and the somewhat annoying characters the special has a lot of meat and superb humor. there is one scene for instance where the bullies are deciding on a new leader, when they vote they all vote for themselves (with exception to the boy and girl who vote for each other and dont vote for themselves as well) so then they play rock paper scissors but all keep choosing rock. the humor in this special is appealing in the sense that its awkward and tongue in cheek. it seems to have its own visual take on halloween and i like that. it doesent try to be the next best thing but rather becomes its own special kind magic. its one i watch yearly, from 2003 to now. i hope it becomes a tradition with cartoon network to air every year (hasn't stopped'em yet) forever but you never know.

there was a sequel special entitled "scary godmother 2: revenge of jimmy" but it sucked so i wont talk about it. maybe next year if i catch it i will do a full review but i just dont remember it well enough to care. anyways, have a great halloween, i will be back tomorrow to review one more movie, and then again on halloween to do a full "halloween retrospective" based on 2009's season'o'scares until next time (tomorrow) this is leatherman signing off!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monsters Vs Aliens: Halloween Special

remember holiday specials? like the "he-man and she ra christmas special" or "the great pumpkin. thank god we live in a world with Holiday specials done right. point in place monsters vs aliens: mutant pumpkins from outer space.


i only just heard about this special today, so you can imagine how ecstatic i was to watch it. basically because the original film had such a tongue in cheek spin on the sci-fi genre and all of its cliche', i thought, a halloween special would mean that they would use that same genius to find the humorous cliche in horror movies. and they did. the special takes place after the movie (and i guess after "bobs big break") as the whole cast returns to play their respective character. and thats really nice because "penguins of madagascar" has no original actors. so plot? well i guess alien pumpkins land in modesto and susan, dr cockroach, link, insectosauraus, and bob have to go stop it. all the monsters have one reason or another for being excited to return to suburbia for halloween. susan wants to see her parents, bob wants candy, link wants to scare little kids, and dr cockroach... well.. i think he just wants to chillax.


so everyone kind of runs wild until all hell brakes loose and this evil pumpkin named wicked jack starts wreaking havoc on the little neighborhood. it isnt until later that we figure out feeding it candy makes it grow and that becomes the prime objective is to make it bigger and bigger and bigger... for... some reason. okay so i dont understand the weakness but hey at least they tried.


so yeah the monsters get the neighborhood kids to throw candy at the monster so it will grow, the monster crushes one of susan's parent's decorations, susan gets pissy, knocks wicked jack's head off and then insecto is like BOOOOOOOOOOOOM and eats it or some shit and candy rains on the neigborhood. the special ends with some tried and true humor that the original movie sported.


this special is, well special! i havent seen a holiday specific special that wasnt part of a seasoned show. its got great humor and has a really good satire on the horror genre. jokes include a reference to children of the corn (cleverly subbed "children of the candy corn"), and a really good reference to the "halloween" film series that i wont even ruin for you. overall if this special gets shown again this halloween season, set the reminder make some popcorn and tune in. its one not to miss. while halloween season is welcoming its final days, its nice to see something encompassing the entire holiday in just 30 minutes.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

11 days of halloween- basket case

ahh welcome to the eleven days of halloween. i love halloween season, its just, great. its the only time of the year i want to watch people get disembowled, decapitated, or any other gruesome deaths starting with a D. but in the mix of horror movies i have found one that seems to be, unique. lets talk about brotherhood, lets talk about caring for your little brother and protecting him no matter what. lets talk about basket case. basket case Pictures, Images and Photos

basket case is exactly the kind of movie i want to watch as soon as october 6th rolls around the calender. why october 6th? idk...... anyways, basket case is about this guy who is a deranged sociopath bent on killing 3 doctors who seperated him and his siamese twin brother, his father wanted the siamese brother (a deformed lump of flesh) to die within this operation but, no go! the brother lived and now they are out for revenge. i am so surprised at the fact that this is not a "full moon pictures movie" or a "Troma team release" someone else is making derranged shit like this too! this is exactly the type of movie those two companies would release. the gore scenes are nothing but the brother rubbing blood all over the victims face and growling. but its so cheesy that you cant look away. i cant wait to see the sequels and who knows maybe they might pop in one of my other reviews this month. but for the 11th day of halloween i choose basket case.

DVD: 5 out of 5 if you get the something weird release (something weird is known for releasing "scare films" and gratuitous pornography) i unfortunately cant talk much about any other releases.